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Bluestreak Crystals YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel offers you additional insight into our range of Swarovski Beads & CrystalsWe have uploaded as many Swarovski videos as possible to help you when choosing which crystals to buy:

  • Swarovski product video with 360 degree view of every Swarovski Bead & Crystal in the range.
  • Swarovski Crystal Innovation Collection videos to provide insight into the new crystal designs and colours released by Swarovski.
  • Swarovski application videos to help you understand how Swarovski products can be used for jewellery making and embellishment.

The Bluestreak Crystals YouTube Channel can be viewed here and we include some examples of the videos available below:


Swarovski Innovations Video for Spring/Summer 2019 - Wunderlust:


Swarovski Product Video for Swarovski Flatback Crystals: 


Swarovski Application Video for Swarovski Crystal Pixie: 


Swarovski Crystals Size Chart & Guide
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