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Swarovski Innovations & Inspirations

Swarovski has created the world's finest precision-cut crystals since 1895. Twice yearly, to mark the start of the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons, we add to the diverse product range available to our valued collaborators, partners and customers. This season is no exception. 

• Spring / Summer – beginning of February 
• Fall / Winter – beginning of September

 Below you will find a summary of each product launch, which provides insight into the new designs and colours and a link to the collection of new articles which are available to purchase in our online shop.


Available from 3rd September 2019

We are delighted to present the Swarovski Innovations & Inspirations for Fall/Winter 2020/2021.

 This seasons theme is Love All, a reflection on the desire to give life more meaning and optimism and to prioritise how we feel over what we have. 

The need for emotional connection has deepened our desire for the authentic and the real. This attitude is echoed in Fall/Winter 2020/21’s aptly-named theme, Love All, and summed up in four moods: Then & Now explores the sensuous sophistication of reworked Forties-inspired vintage; Extreme & Casual embraces a new relaxed extravagance; Modern & Romantic unveils the charm of tender elegance; and Wild & Chic unlocks the power of untamed femininity. All for the love of crystal.


Epitomizing the Love All theme for Fall/Winter 2020/21, romantic symbols with enduring significance take centerstage. None symbolizes this more powerfully than the latest Heart Cut Pendant. After seasons of unisex fashion, this gemstone-inspired, multilayered cut leads the return to sensuous sophistication. Available in three sizes, fifteen colors, and six effects.  

Recalling the fabulous Forties, the new Fantasy Fancy Stone combines that era’s elegant daywear and sartorial chic with a thoroughly contemporary sensibility. Ultra-brilliant, with slim proportions and a new irregular cut, it comes in classic Cushion and Hexagon shapes, answering the demand for jewelry and accessories with a heritage feel.

In a move away from the muted gender-neutral tones of previous seasons, the newest candy-colored Crystal LacquerPRO DeLite effects palette celebrates the power of modern femininity and gives a nod to the no-label generation. Romantic yet strong, with highlighted facets emphasizing depth and clarity, they harmonize beautifully with existing shades.

Introducing a shock of neon-bright color to the Crystal Electric LacquerPRO family, the electrifying brilliance of the new Crystal Electric Violet comes from a lacquer coating containing UV pigments that make it glow under light. This subtly references the artificial hues generated by the screen-based technology that dominates modern life.

Mysterious and moody, Crystal Mulberry Pink Pearl and Crystal Elderberry Pearl are inspired by the wild outdoors and nature’s bounty. Their sumptuous berry tones reinforce the importance of organic influences in design as an antidote to the digital world. Mix and match with the new DeLite effects as well as other Crystal Pearls.

Iridescent Shimmer effects radiate multiple shades of a single color in an enigmatic blend of softness and intensity inspired by the Aurora Borealis. Perfect for sophisticated tone-on-tone designs, the Rose Peach Shimmer effect is now available for Beads, Pendants, Flat Backs and Sew-on Stones, as well as additional Shimmer line extensions for Beads.

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1st February 2019 - Launch Day

Swarovski innovations and inspirations for spring / summer 2020 - The Power of Emotions


We are delighted to present the Swarovski Innovations & Inspirations for Spring/Summer 2020.

Let your emotions shine in the cuts, colours and inspirational magic of our new crystal collection.
The Serenity of Being, The Joy of Expression, The Surprise of the Unexpected, The Excitement of Creativity.

The mood for Spring/Summer 2020 is reflected in four new trends: The Serenity of Being evokes a sense of stillness, reflecting the desire to “be in the moment” to offset the effects of isolation and information overload; The Joy of Expression captures Gen Z’s desire for “Instagrammable” disco-glam wardrobe statements; The Surprise of the Unexpected fuses athleisurewear with a new sartorial luxury, blending street looks with classic style; and the “anything goes” attitude of The Excitement of Creativity is seen in the rejection of normcore in favor of creative, exuberant and multilayered designs.


Innovations Spring/Summer 2020 

Capturing all the youthful joy of the Insta-generation, nothing says it’s time to shine more than Swarovski’s new Kaleidoscope Fancy Stones family. Thanks to Rivoli faceting on the reverse and large facets on the front, these triangular, hexagon and square crystals showcase a radiant and totally new rainbow-like optic. Ideal for jewelry and accessories, the user-friendly glue-in setting option will be very popular with the DIY community.

Also new this season is the gently expressive, gemstone-inspired, 50-facet Princess Cut Pendant. Ideal for hand-application techniques such as beading and wire working, as well as sewing, this easy, time- and cost-saving product works beautifully for jewelry and DIY, apparel and accessories. And because it is unfoiled, it makes for stunning standalone, open-back pieces that have an elegant, fine-jewelry look.

 In an industry first, the Crystal Electric LacquerPRO family’s six new lacquered effects bring a burst of neon brightness to the Swarovski palette. Made with UV pigments that glow under light, their sparkling pops of color add excitement to sport-inspired casualwear, as well as answering the demand in the dancesport segment for intensely colorful crystals.

 Spike Flat Backs & Sew on Stones defy convention with their boldly rebellious “anything goes” attitude. Perfect for sewing, setting, gluing and using with Ceralun, these premium-looking spikes come in two shapes, with two sizes for the Sew-on Stones and three sizes for the Flat Backs—just right for mixing and matching across a spectrum of creative designs, especially footwear and accessories.

Beautiful, brilliant and multi-functional, the new Crystal DeLite color palette offers interest and intrigue to any design. The continual focus on hi-lo styling and the casualization of luxury is perfectly captured in the blending and blurring of the iridescent hues in this stunning color range. This radiant crystal collection crosses the divide between the extraordinary and the everyday.

The new Crystal Eden Green Pearl is an expression of freedom and fun that steps outside of everyday wardrobes, designers will find their “Eden” in the evergreen color of this beautiful lustrous pearl. An intense, shimmering color that is reminiscent of the 80s, it receives a contemporary update as opulence continues to infiltrate both day and eveningwear. Even the name itself means delight!

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Available from 4th September 2018

new swarovski innovations and inspirations for fall / winter 2019 - 2020 - latest crystal designs and shapes

We are delighted to present the Swarovski innovations for Fall/Winter 2019/20.

This season’s theme is Be Yourself, reflecting the global trend for individualism, self-expression and self-discovery, and the increasing value placed on uniqueness and individualization.

The current desire to make an individual statement has been translated into key trends that reflect four aspects of self-discovery: Check Yourself  seeks continuity and stability as heritage designs are re-issued and individualized for urban settings; Find Yourself  sees off-grid living and back-to-nature styling becoming mainstream; Excess Yourself  goes for Luxe Minimalism with exaggerated forms and look-at-me designs; and Dress Yourself  makes grand, theatrical statements in everyday dressing.


Innovations Fall/Winter 2019/20

Heritage gets a modern makeover with Swarovski’s exclusive Imperial Cut. Based on the famous Asscher Cut (an iconic diamond cut), it brings exceptional brilliance and a fine-jewelry finish to classic pieces. It also mixes well with other Fancy Stones in gem-inspired colors to make a contemporary statement. Ideal for giving a modern-vintage feel to engagement and college rings.

At last it’s possible to apply crystals to tricky fabrics that are incompatible with Hotfix. Synthetic Coldfix is Swarovski’s new glue developed specifically for this purpose, and available for Crystal Fabric and Crystal Fine Rocks. Needing minimal pressure and little or no heat, Coldfix makes it possible to quickly and easily embellish functional or delicate fabrics. This opens up myriad creative possibilities, including in-store customizing for apparel and accessories.

The latest additions to the Pearl Family bring new versatility to a popular category. With over fifty colors and effects, Crystal Pearl 2mm is suited to filigree designs, seed beading and intricate embroidery. Iridescent Tahitian Look Pearl, inspired by the rare saltwater pearls found in Tahiti, has an eye-catching yet natural look. New Cabochon Flat Backs Hotfix and Cabochon Pearl Flat Backs Hotfix give with their lustrous finish an alluring 3D luminosity to textiles.

Crystal LacquerPRO DeLite Effects offers five nature-inspired shades: Crystal Light Grey, Crystal Army Green, Crystal Ochre, Crystal Burgundy, Crystal Cappuccino. They are a beautiful reminder to enjoy Mother Earth’s bounty and live sustainably. Their subtly highlighted facets will give luxurious depth and opaque sparkle, and they mix and match brilliantly with Shimmer or Shiny LacquerPRO effects.

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Available from 1st February 2018 

swarovski innovations spring / summer 2019 bluestreak crystals

Swarovski® Innovations for Spring / Summer 2019 - Released 1st February 2018

Close your eyes tight. The lasting image of your mind's eye is like a photo negative of the idea you can't get out of your head. This is the stuff of imagination. 

Numbed and bored by today’s technology driven world, we opt to refocus on the human element with its emotional, intellectual and spiritual demands. Craving connection, seeking authenticity and desiring the real, we travel the world — experiencing new cultures and exploring new regions in order to learn, grow and ultimately find happiness. Gap-year travels, adventure journeys, “snackable” holidays or luxury seafaring cruises confirm the new experience consumer for whom traveling is more than just going to a different place — it is about creating new meanings, and making the best of life.

This season we highlight new ways of fulfilment and satisfaction through travel experiences that transform us, bringing an element of joy to our lives.

A video of the new collection can be viewed here.

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Available from 5th September 2017

swarovski crystals innovations fall / winter 2018 - 2019

Swarovski® Innovations Fall / Winter 2018-2019

We are currently witnessing a division in society —
A distinct polarization — A world of light and dark, black and white, right and wrong. 

Influenced by our polarized views, we envision our lives accordingly. We either see the future as bright and cheerful, full or opportunity or as a challenge we would prefer to exchange with a more simple, bygone, time. 

This season we highlight these polarized viewpoints, reflecting upon the fact that where there is light, there is shadow. Full of joyful creativity and eccentric celebration, or striving for stillness with a somber survival ethos, we seize the notion that the future is twofold.
Welcome to Fall/Winter 2018/19 — Light and Shadow.

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Available from 1st February 2017

swarovski crystal innovations spring / summer 2018

Swarovski® Innovations Spring / Summer 2018

Swarovski® Innovations Spring/Summer 2018.We dedicate our Spring/Summer 2018 seasons to this emerging sentiment – eradicating the boundaries between luxury and street, the natural and the digital, male and female, as well as exploring the transcendence between opposing belief systems. Welcome to an age of “New Perspectives”. 

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Available from 4th September 2016 

Swarovski innovations for fall / winter 2017 2018 at bluestreak crystals

Swarovski® Innovations Fall / Winter 2017 / 2018

Swarovski® Innovations Fall/Winter 2017/18. The current Inspirations – “The Nature Of Us” – focus on the influence of sustainability and ethical behaviours on the crucial identity-defining activities of eating, working, traveling.

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